Chen Jinhu, Secretary of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited N-Tech

On the afternoon of September 6, Chen Jinhu, Secretary of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, and his party visited N-Tech Environmental Protection Science and Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., accompanied by city leaders Fang Guoqiang, Li Lin and Jiang Feng. Chen Liang, general manager of N-Tech, warmly received the city leaders and made a detailed report on the company's exploration in the fields of production specialization, technological innovation, and product specialization through workshop visits.



Common problems and solutions of nanofiltration membranes

Nanofiltration membrane is a relatively common product in the water treatment industry. It can filter, separate and purify many substances, so it has been used in many industries and has played a good role.



The principle and scope of application of nanofiltration membrane in water treatment

The pore size of the nanofiltration membrane is nanoscale, which can allow water to pass completely, while intercepting or partially intercepting substances with a larger molecular weight than water.



Nanofiltration Membrane + Reverse Osmosis Membrane Treatment of Nickel Plating Wastewater

The method of plating nickel on metal or some non-metal surfaces by electrolytic or chemical methods is called nickel plating. Nickel plating includes electroless nickel plating and electroless nickel plating. Electroless nickel plating uses metal nickel as the anode, the cathode as the plated part, and the direct current as the current. A uniform and dense nickel coating is deposited on it. Bright nickel is obtained from baths with brighteners, while dark nickels are obtained from electrolytes without brighteners.


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N-Tech will, as always, insist on deep cultivation in the field of membrane separation and provide the world with the best quality membrane products.

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