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Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis ULP series membrane components


Industrial reverse osmosis membrane components

Reverse osmosis membrane


Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis ULP series membrane components

Product Details

Product Description

The ULP series membrane components are suitable for desalination treatment under low salinity (TDS<1000 mg/L) using municipal tap water and groundwater as water sources. They are mainly used in various fields such as standard residential water supply, pure water preparation, and industrial pure water preparation for food, beverage, etc.


Product Features

It can achieve high water flux under extremely low operating pressure conditions while maintaining a high desalination rate. Its operating pressure is about 30-50% lower than that of conventional brackish water membranes, and the operating energy consumption is reduced by more than 20%.


Product performance

型号 平均产水量
稳定脱盐率% 最低脱盐率(%) 有效膜面积ft2 (m2) 进水格网厚度(mil)
LP-8040-HF 13000(49.3) 99.0 98.5 400 (37.2) 31
ULP-8040-HR 10500(39.8) 99.3 99.0 400 (37.2) 31
ULP-4040 2800(10.6) 99.0 98.5 78 (7.2) 31

(a) Standard test conditions: 1500 ppm NaCl, 150 psi (1.03 MPa), 25 ℃, pH=7-8, recovery rate of 15%.

(b) The water production of a single membrane element may vary within a range of ± 15%.

(c) Operating and cleaning limits

最高操作压力 300psi(2.07MPa) 允许游离氯浓度 0.1ppm
最高进水温度 45℃ 连续运行时进水范围 3~10
最大进水流量 17.0m3/h (8040), 3.6m3/h (4040) 化学清洗时进水范围 1~12
最大进水 5 单支膜元件最大允许压降 15 psi (0.1 MPa)

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