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Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis ULP series diaphragm


Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis ULP series diaphragm


Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis ULP series membrane components

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It has the characteristics of high flux, high desalination rate, and long service life, and meets the national first-class water efficiency standard design. Under high recovery conditions, it has good anti pollution performance and applicability under high hardness water quality conditions. By adopting advanced membrane technology and fully automated production lines, the reliability and stability of the product are well guaranteed.

Model and performance parameters





75200, 400600



800 1000





(a) Test conditions: 251 ppm CaCI2, 210.5 ppm MgSO4, 79 ppm NaCl, 265.3 ppm NaHCO3, trace NaC1O (national standard new water efficiency), 100psi (0.69MPa), pH=7.0±0.1, temperature is 25±0.5°C, The recovery rate is 50-70%, and the size and effective area of the component roll may be adjusted according to the actual situation.
(b) Water production is collected after 30 minutes of steady operation.
(c) Each roll of diaphragm is independently packaged, sealed with black plastic film, the normal roll length is more than 300m, but it may change under certain circumstances.
(d) The diaphragm performance indicators in the above table will fluctuate to a certain extent with different water quality conditions and operating conditions. When you are unsure of the product selection or cannot predict the product performance, please contact us first for diaphragm selection and matching.
(3) Storage conditions and warranty period
Storage conditions: Avoid sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, temperature 10-30℃, humidity <50%.
Warranty period: ULP products are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of production, it is recommended to use within 3 months after receiving the goods; ULP-Plus and ULP-Max products are guaranteed for 2 months from the date of production, and it is recommended that they be used within 1 month after receiving the goods.

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