Sewage treatment

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Sewage Treatment

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Sewage treatment is a variety of economical, rational, scientific and effective methods for urban domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. Sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical, catering and other fields.


Typical application case - reclaimed water reuse project in an industrial park reclaimed water plant

Sewage Treatment

Project Name: Reclaimed Water Reuse
Raw water quality: sewage from enterprises in the park
Product water use: reuse
Processing scale: 1500m3/d
Membrane element type: Entai ULP product

The reclaimed water plant in the park used international D brand BW products before, with high system pressure and low water production. In September 2021, the Entai ULP 8040-HR series products will be replaced, the operating pressure will be reduced by 50%, the water production will be increased by 20%, and the reused water quality will meet the customer's requirements, which has been recognized and praised by customers.

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