Industrial pure water

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Industrial Pure Water

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Pure water generally refers to the use of tap water as the water source, through multiple filtration: such as activated carbon filtration, membrane filtration or ion exchange, to remove harmful substances such as microorganisms. Pure water is widely used in power plants, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, biology and other industries.
Industrial pure water is water that needs to be reused in the production process. At present, the main method of industrial pure water treatment is membrane treatment. The reuse of industrial pure water can not only save water, but also provide convenience for the recycling of water.


Typical case—a pure water application project in an enterprise

Industrial Pure Water

Project Name: Pure Water Preparation
Raw water quality: tap water

Commissioning time: July 2019
Water production: 30m3/h
Product water conductivity: <5μs/cm
Types of membrane elements: NT ULP products

Entai's products have been in operation so far, and the water production and desalination rate of the system have been stable; the operating pressure is 0.6~0.75MPa, which is stable; the water quality has fully met the customer's requirements, and has been recognized and praised by the owners.

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