How does nanofiltration membrane technology decolorize xylose?

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2022-02-16 22:35

Xylose is a component of xylan derived from plant and animal heparin, chondroitin and glycoproteins. In some glycoproteins, it is the linking unit between the sugar chain and serine (or threonine). So far, no free xylose has been found in nature. Xylose can provide intercellular communication for glycoconjugates of receptors on cell membranes. Secondly, xylose has antibacterial and antifungal effects, especially against Gram-negative bacteria and Streptococcus albicans, and can help the growth of intestinal probiotics.

Xylose is widely present in plant hemicellulose in the form of macromolecular xylan, which is obtained by acid or enzymatic degradation of xylan. Therefore, most of the degraded xylose have high levels of suspended solids. At present, the production process of xylose mainly uses corn cob as raw material, and undergoes hydrolysis, neutralization, decolorization, separation, concentration, crystallization and other processes. Although decolorization is an indispensable process in xylose production, it actually consumes a large amount of activated carbon, which can reach 150kg of activated carbon per ton of xylose. At the same time, activated carbon decolorization will lead to activated carbon poisoning. The nanofiltration membrane separation method can complete decolorization and impurity removal in one step, reduce the use of decolorizing resin and activated carbon, reduce operating costs and improve product quality.

Nanofiltration membrane technology meets hygienic standards and has high flux, which is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other fields. The products produced by the company are well-designed and have excellent performance, which can help enterprises save investment, reduce operating costs, and reduce unit energy consumption. By reducing costs and obtaining greater value, we help enterprises achieve industrial upgrading.

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