The principle and scope of application of nanofiltration membrane in water treatment

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2022-02-17 09:26

The working principle of nanofiltration membrane:

The pore size of the nanofiltration membrane is nanoscale, which can allow water to pass completely, while intercepting or partially intercepting substances with a larger molecular weight than water. For ions, the higher the ion valence, the higher the retention rate of the nanofiltration membrane. In general, nanofiltration membranes allow the passage of monovalent ions and the rejection or majority of divalent or multivalent ions. Heavy metal ions and phosphorus are generally multivalent ions, and nanofiltration membranes have high rejection rates for them. For the difference of organic components such as COD and BOD composed of materials, nanofiltration membranes with different molecular weight rejection ratios can be selected for the concentration treatment of wastewater, and the organic pollutants are trapped in the concentrated solution, so that water and monovalent ions permeate the membrane.


Application of nanofiltration membrane:

Nanofiltration membranes are mainly used in softened water treatment, purified water treatment, wastewater purification treatment, and the concentration and separation of valuable components in process material solutions in the field of drinking water and industrial water. At present, nanofiltration membranes in domestic and foreign markets are mainly used in the field of drinking water. Nanofiltration membranes are used to soften water, reduce the concentration of TDS, and remove chromaticity and high molecular weight organics. Nanofiltration membranes have higher water fluxes at lower operating pressures, therefore, in many fields, treatment processes with nanofiltration membranes are more economical in capital and operating costs than reverse osmosis processes.

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