Application Cases in the Photovoltaic Industry

Case details

1. Project Background:
In recent years, with the annual growth of photovoltaic power generation, more and more enterprises are using photovoltaic power generation. The entire photovoltaic power generation industry is showing a good development trend. The core of photovoltaic power generation is photovoltaic modules, and the production of photovoltaic modules cannot be separated from the use of ultrapure water. The cutting and cleaning of silicon wafers require a large amount of ultrapure water, and the quality of ultrapure water affects the quality of silicon wafers, which in turn affects the production of photovoltaic cells.
2. Project Information
Project location: Suqian City, Jiangsu Application scenario: Enterprise 8GW component pure water system
Inlet water quality: tap water+underground aquatic water usage: process water

Key words:

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