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In terms of talent introduction, we have established a high-standard, multi-channel mechanism. We mainly recruit outstanding talents through campus recruitment, social recruitment, overseas introduction and other methods.

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Lean Production Management Manager

Job Responsibilities: 1. Team organization and planning: Set the KPI goals of the department, and build a process management system & mechanism to ensure the achievement of department and team goals. 2. Production planning organization and coordination: ① Coordinate the resource planning of daily, weekly and monthly production plans, ensure balanced production, and solve various bottlenecks and monitoring management that affect the implementation of the plan; ② Coordinate efficient team operations, supervise and ensure the accuracy of data , urge relevant departments to deal with abnormal production problems, and deal with them efficiently and in a timely manner; ③Organize supervision and control of various indicators data in the production process, ensure the implementation of various business indicators, and form a daily, weekly and monthly report review mechanism; ④Organize lean improvement activities to fully Use various improvement tools to coordinate or participate in the special follow-up of the human resources department. 3. Reduce operating costs and optimize processes: ①Using lean production improvement tools to ensure efficiency goals are achieved by increasing production capacity and manpower optimization, and cooperating with relevant departments for continuous improvement to make product flow and logistics smoother; ②By improving process products Through rate, the organization supervises the control of material loss, etc. ③Continuously improve the problem-solving ability of skilled workers and keep the equipment in good condition. 4. Improve customer satisfaction: On-time delivery, quality meets customer satisfaction requirements, reduce customer complaints, and respond quickly. 5. Safe production: Improve the safety awareness of employees, establish a safety inspection mechanism and a 7S inspection mechanism to prevent problems and avoid accidental work-related injuries. 6. Team building: ① Based on the vision and mission of the department, formulate the vision, mission and values ​​of the team; ② Build a talent echelon according to the needs of the team, formulate corresponding plans and implement; ③ Inter-departmental communication meeting or team building to strengthen cooperation between departments.

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