Application Cases in the Food and Beverage Industry

Case details

1. Project Background:
With the intensification of global pollution and people's pursuit of health, stricter requirements have been put forward for the food and beverage industry. Ordinary municipal tap water or underground deep well water is no longer sufficient to meet people's needs. The country has gradually formed a comprehensive regulatory system for the food and beverage industry, including the establishment of enterprises, production processes, and finished product inspection. Currently, a food hygiene and safety license system (QS certification) is implemented for many food and beverage industries, which stipulates that purified water is required for both process water and finished water used, with a conductivity typically below 10us/cm.
2. Project Information
Project location: Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province Application scenario: Enterprise production of pure water system
Inlet water quality: Municipal tap water Production purpose: Process water

Key words:

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